The Better Half Of Clippers

The Better Half Of Clippers

Hopes of getting back Griffin after his injury is dashed now. The Los Angeles Clippers are seeing their hopes shattered as the player has not yet recovered from his quadriceps muscle injury. He still remains sidelined from the team for his recovery. Since late December, he is in rest. Reporters said that Griffin fractured his hand due to some team event. The team has confirmed that their potential teammate Griffin will remain sidelined for a few more weeks due to his injury. They also said that he encountered this injury while he was throwing a punch in Toronto. However, other reports are saying that it happened after he had a fight with one of the teams’ equipment staff

The entire incident took place outside a restaurant due to which it was almost public. Apart from the injury, the main discussion is something else. Are Clippers incomplete without Griffin or they can do well now too? After all, their stats are running all well without Griffin. Clipper LA went 11-3 even when Griffin was sidelined. It prominently solidified their hold on their home court. It was the first round match of the Western Conference Playoffs. It is possible to analyze this only after a close observation whether or not Blake’s absence is affecting the team.

Los Angeles lost a pair of games on its current trip from the two most eligible teams that were Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers. They went 9 out of 10 matched without Griffin. They went 9 – 1 at a stretch which was not as impressive as it seemed to their fans. Clippers have shown significantly better performance even without Griffin. According to some stats, the performance of Clipper’s remained at 53.3 with Griffin and had risen to 68.8 without him.

However, experts say that it is fine to survive a short-term injury, but playing without him for long is not possible for the team. Many incidences have shown that with Griffin sidelined Clippers have been a bit fortunate. There was Jordan and without him, they lost their home court match. Eventually, Griffin’s need will arise if any other potential player goes sidelined.

Eli Manning, Russell Wilson Topped The Pro Bowl Draft 2016 Picks

bowl draft

The Pro Bowl draft 2016 selection is on, and Russell Wilson of Seattle Seahawks was picked by the draft. The Pro Bowl legendary captain Michael Irvin made in the pick against the Hall Famer Jerry Rice. The captains of Team Rice will be served by Beckham and Aaron Donald respectively. Devonta Freeman and Geno Atkins will be the captains for Team Irvin. It may be noted that Manning and Beckham made 13 touchdowns and were pinning their hopes on repeating the feat. Manning said, “We’ve got a few plays that we’ve run over the years that we might have to throw into the offense, and hopefully, we can get together on a couple of big plays.”

Meanwhile, Julio Jones, Falcons wide receiver was the third choice for Team Irvin and Khalil Mack, defensive Oakland Raiders was the fourth pick for Team Rice. Three more picks for Irvin came in the form of Richard Sherman, Ezekiel Ansah, Detroit Lions and Michael Bennett of Seahawks defensive. Also, A J Green of Bengals and DeAndre Hopkins of Houston Texans were also rounded in the sixth and seventh. Team Rice opted for Jarvis Landry of Miami Dolphins, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper, wide receiver. The other two selections came from Kansas City Chiefs, Marcus Peters and Adrian Peterson of Minnesota Vikings. Thirty-four linemen and special team players were pre-drafted on Tuesday, and forty-eight players were drafted on Wednesday.

Newton’s Joy Gets Contagious

Newton's Joy Gets Contagious

The all new face of NFL, Charlotte NC cannot hide its smile. Cam Newton, the star player from the team, said he already had visualized the same moment in his minds a thousand times. Late on Sunday night, Cam said every player plays the match many times in their head. Newton’s dreams are coming alive in front of our disbelieving eyes. After the victory, the MVP went laughing, hugging, jumping, dancing and throwing himself in the Super Bowl 50. They won by 49 – 15 over the Arizona Cardinals. A grand party was held among 74, 294 close friends, with the center of attraction as the player wearing the No. 1 T-shirt.

Carolina Panther’s defender Kawann Short said: “He’s having an amazing time”. He referred to the one and only Cam Newton. He also added by saying that you can see the same on the field, off the field and he is loose every time. He is himself always, and everyone loves that guy. He also said that the team is glad to have him. The amazing quarter back player Cam has held everybody’s heads high with his excellent performance. His phenomenon is like a Roman candle. In his initial four years, his career has been a wobbly one, but in 2015, he amazed everyone. It was like a brilliant explosion last year.

In fact, Carolina is one of the highest scoring teams in the league with 17- 1. They have become everyone’s favorite along with Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. It is like all their dreams are coming true in an enormous volume. Luke Kuechly, linebacker of Panthers said Cam wanted it very badly. He probably wanted it badly that nothing could turn him away from it. NFL narrative mentioned Newton has always brought out the worst in an establishment. Initially, he has been too inaccurate as a passer for a long time success.

Never mind, as a person can start up any moment he or she gets up. It is never too late for a person to show his or her potential. The way Newton is sharing his success with his fans and teammates is wonderful. People often said, what Cam has got is always contagious. He is setting the pace for a really successful career.