Experience Of Meeting Their Biological Father

biological father

Sarah Malley (20) is meeting her biological father since birth, and she is excited about it. Todd Whitehurst is just half a mile away to experience the unknown. He is slated to meet his biological kids. He is too anxious wondering what if they turn out to be anti-social towards him. The 49-year-old employed at Google is a computer engineer. It all began in the year 1998 when he noticed a paper advertisement seeking sperm donors. He realized that those going to the sperm bank are in desperate need for children and decided to help them out.

Whitehurst himself is a father of two kids and he never expected to meet his donor children even in his wildest dreams. It is a protocol with the sperm centers to keep the names of the donors anonymous. Though the clinics give donor ID number that facilitates such meetings, and that was how Whitehurst landed himself in this unusual gathering. Thanks to Wendy Kramer, mother of her donor son. Knowing that his son was anxious to know about his biological father she arranged for the meeting.

The desire to learn from where they had emanated is the cause for the gathering. The Donor Sibling Registry, an online database that offers a platform to connect to donor fathers with their ID numbers was helpful in this case. On the online website around 47,000 people have registered of these were 2,300 sperm donors. The experience of meeting their biological dad is an overwhelming experience, but Kramer felt that the experience on shaking hands with them and think it is funny.

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