Barbie Gets A Makeover


Ahead of her 57th birthday, Barbie doll is getting a makeover in place. This sexy doll has been the arm candy of many little girls across the world. Barbie is known for her blonde hair, long legs, and blue eyes. The doll is all set for a makeover. With the popularity of the doll spreading across boundaries, the doll company has decided to diversify her looks to match the culture and race across the globe. Now you can find ethnically diverse Barbies that are shorter with curly hair, slanting eyes and these will decorate the shelve along with the original version of Barbie. The doll industry supports a variety of accessories for the doll as well making it popular among little girls.

Over the years, Barbie was taken some avatars, and this new type will also get the same response as the earlier versions it is felt. The new avatars of Barbie were announced by the Company and was reported by correspondent Mireya Villarreal of CBS News. It is surprising that a doll just 11 ½ inches tall can attract so many versions. Barbie has over 180 careers and has become a cultural icon. The company is a billion dollar business with its presence in many countries. What will make the new look appealing is its cultural diversity. With the new range, the dolls are likely to penetrate the globe market better than before. The looks are sure to appeal the younger population. The dolls will hit the online market from 28 January 2016. So, why wait, grab your order today!

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