Barbie Gets A Makeover


Ahead of her 57th birthday, Barbie doll is getting a makeover in place. This sexy doll has been the arm candy of many little girls across the world. Barbie is known for her blonde hair, long legs, and blue eyes. The doll is all set for a makeover. With the popularity of the doll spreading across boundaries, the doll company has decided to diversify her looks to match the culture and race across the globe. Now you can find ethnically diverse Barbies that are shorter with curly hair, slanting eyes and these will decorate the shelve along with the original version of Barbie. The doll industry supports a variety of accessories for the doll as well making it popular among little girls.

Over the years, Barbie was taken some avatars, and this new type will also get the same response as the earlier versions it is felt. The new avatars of Barbie were announced by the Company and was reported by correspondent Mireya Villarreal of CBS News. It is surprising that a doll just 11 ½ inches tall can attract so many versions. Barbie has over 180 careers and has become a cultural icon. The company is a billion dollar business with its presence in many countries. What will make the new look appealing is its cultural diversity. With the new range, the dolls are likely to penetrate the globe market better than before. The looks are sure to appeal the younger population. The dolls will hit the online market from 28 January 2016. So, why wait, grab your order today!

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School Boy Attacked By Raccoon In New Jersey


Aryan Gavali is a six-year-old boy from New Jersey walking down to school like any other day. Little did he realize that he is in for an attack by a wild animal. Little Aryan was attacked by a raccoon and was admitted to the hospital in New Jersey. He was later discharged from the hospital today. The attack had left the little boy in pain with nine stitches. His mother Monali Gavali said that she thought it was a monkey but later realized that it was a raccoon. The incident happened on Wednesday before 9 a.m. as he was walking to school. His mom was accompanying him while the incident occurred. The school is located in Elmwood Park.

The raccoon attacked Aryan on his face as it was the only exposed skin available as he was clad in a jacket as it was cold outside. Danny Walls, who witnessed the scene was quick enough to grab a pole nearby and killed the raccoon, not before it tore the skin of the little boy as he was screaming and bleeding on his face. The boy’s mom thanks Gavali for his brave action in saving her son. She added that if Gavali had not acted quickly, the boy would have been injured badly. The animal was sent for a rabies test, and the results will be out by Friday.

Meanwhile, the wildlife experts called to look out for raccoon rabies. The experts also alerted for raccoon out in the daytime as these are nocturnal animals. They also asked people to watch out for aggressive raccoons that are foaming and are disoriented.

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Experience Of Meeting Their Biological Father

biological father

Sarah Malley (20) is meeting her biological father since birth, and she is excited about it. Todd Whitehurst is just half a mile away to experience the unknown. He is slated to meet his biological kids. He is too anxious wondering what if they turn out to be anti-social towards him. The 49-year-old employed at Google is a computer engineer. It all began in the year 1998 when he noticed a paper advertisement seeking sperm donors. He realized that those going to the sperm bank are in desperate need for children and decided to help them out.

Whitehurst himself is a father of two kids and he never expected to meet his donor children even in his wildest dreams. It is a protocol with the sperm centers to keep the names of the donors anonymous. Though the clinics give donor ID number that facilitates such meetings, and that was how Whitehurst landed himself in this unusual gathering. Thanks to Wendy Kramer, mother of her donor son. Knowing that his son was anxious to know about his biological father she arranged for the meeting.

The desire to learn from where they had emanated is the cause for the gathering. The Donor Sibling Registry, an online database that offers a platform to connect to donor fathers with their ID numbers was helpful in this case. On the online website around 47,000 people have registered of these were 2,300 sperm donors. The experience of meeting their biological dad is an overwhelming experience, but Kramer felt that the experience on shaking hands with them and think it is funny.

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Ranchers Place Conditions For Ending Standoff

Ranchers Place Conditions For Ending Standoff

To empty the armed occupants in a safe way, the FBI denied making any comments on the Oregon standoff. The occupants sought assurance that they would not be arrested. In a YouTube channel “DefendYourBase”, the speaker David Fry said that the four out of the five occupants will be allowed to leave. The ranchers put a demand that the federal government should hand over public land to the locals. Following this, the FBI have set up checkpoints since Jan 2. The FBI said that they were in an attempt to remove the ranchers in a safe way.

Over the last two days, the leader of the group Ammon Bundy along with ten others was arrested. The arrested happened at a traffic stop on Tuesday night where one person was injured. The updates were up on the YouTube channel from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The video said that one occupant holds charges of felony on conspiring to stop federal officers from doing their duties through threats and intimidation. These were the same charges the 11 people arrested had on them. The video said that the ranchers are willing to stay put unless they are not charged.

Meanwhile, three members of the group surrendered on Wednesday after the leader of the group urged the group members to give up the standoff. According to the version of Bundy followers, they said that Robert Finicum died on the highway on Tuesday night after an agent shot at him after being provoked. A witness said that he heard a few gunshots for a few second but was not able to comprehend on who was shooting who. It may be noted that Bundy the leader of the group was the son of Cliven Bundy of Nevada who was involved in the 2014 standoff on grazing rights.