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Are you considering home improvement, but have never done it before? You may be lost on where to begin. As many people have discovered, the first home improvement project can be especially daunting. In the article below, you will find some tips which can make your home improvement projects somewhat easier.

TIP! Try using something unusual as a coffee table in your living room. You can get not only a unique conversation piece by using something like a chest or an old trunk but also some extra storage space.
There are thousands of do-it-yourself instructional videos online to help you with renovation, home improvement projects and almost any kind of home repair. It may be surprising how many people had similar problems to yours and then recorded their solutions to help others. By watching these videos, you can leverage off of the efforts of others who have dealt with the same problems.

TIP! The bristles will bend and wear out faster. Hang it so that the bristles remain straight and will last longer.
Crown molding can add an amazing touch of elegance to your walls. Transform a boring, plain old wall into an eye catching designer showplace. These dramatic results can be achieved with a minimal expenditure of money and effort.

TIP! New cabinet handles and knobs can spruce up the look of your kitchen. You’ll find it easy to install cabinets, and they can really spice up the way your home looks.
Applying a fresh coat of paint can provide any room with quite an update at a reasonable price. Take a trip to your nearest hardware store and pick up some paint chips! Locate swatches that are fun and interest you, and then go for it! You can easily paint over it if you dont like it.

TIP! Things like painting or adding a deck to your home can improve your homes quality by a lot. Decks could give you a great place to entertain your guests and you could use it in a hot summer day to relax.
Make sure you find out a definitive answer on the time it will take for your contractor to do the work. Contractors often have good reasons to complete work as quickly as possible. Some contractors work as quickly as they can so they can start working on something else. If theyre wanting overtime this can be bad, especially if you dont need it.

TIP! If your roof has developed cracks, use aluminum tape to repair the cracks. Clean the surface, then separate the tape from its paper backing.
Put a shot into that vinyl flooring bubble. Simply slice it to let out the trapped air. Doing this will only flatten the bubble for a short period of time. It can come back if you do nothing. However, you will need to put some glue in there in order to keep it attached to the floor. Use a syringe to inject the glue to the old vinyl floor tiles.
Home improvements do no need to be scary. Instead, focus on the many benefits it brings, along with the money you will save.

By Anthony Gonzalez
Call Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating for all of your household air quality and comfort wants. We offer qualified HVAC services in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area.

Proficient cooling and heating systems save you time and money and assures your familys comfort. With standard cleaning and maintenance, your system can survive much longer than its ordinary lifespan. It also helps to prevent regular repairs and high electric bills.

Our factory-trained experts assist you with everything from heating and air conditioning installation to routine service and repair. Our helpful, expert service and knowledge has made us the leader in local HVAC installations and repairs. We also offer financing alternatives for our clients.

Our experts respond promptly to your onsite repair needs. Once the trouble is diagnosed, you will be presented a flat-rate price for the cost of the repair. No service will be carried out until we have your approval for that air conditioning repair. In addition, there is a diagnostic fee for A/C repairs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating will work with you to design a maintenance program agreement that will keep your system working at maximum quality. Maintenance and cleaning should be done in the spring and fall to assure efficient operation and minimize the chance of system failures during the peak operation seasons. Our A/C cleaner is secure for you, your family and home environment, yet strong enough to thoroughly clean and disinfect your total system. It also helps to reduce future dirt and grime build-up and leaves a crisp, clean aroma throughout your residence.

Air Conditioning Replacement
Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating is an authorized dealer for leading air conditioning brands including Carrier â„¢, Trane â„¢, Bryant â„¢, Lennox â„¢, Goodman â„¢, and York â„¢. All of our experts have obtained brand-specialized factory training for all of these brands.

A/C Air Quality
Keeping clean and healthy air quality in your home is definitely imperative for the continued well-being of you and your family. The moist environment within your air-handling unit can be an ideal breeding ground for germs that cause colds, flu, and other ailments. Our thorough analysis program evaluates your homes indoor air quality and recognizes prospective health hazards.

Heating Services
Let Air Time Air Conditioning and Heating make your residence a safe environment and reduce the costly repairs of a overlooked heating system. Our heating professionals keep you informed of your heating system condition and the maintenance it may require. We can service you with heating service, heating repair, and heating maintenance.



Can you think of a life without air conditioner? ‘No’ because the Global Warming heat wave is spreading all over the world and even killing people. When the hot summer season arrives in San Antonio Texas, air conditioners filling the most important part in every home. A moment away from the air conditioner is unbearable. People even refuse to step out of their house because of the heat and because of this your air conditioners are ‘on’ through out the day and night.
Have you ever thought what happens to you if during the extreme summer your air conditioner breaks down? Well! Can’t think of it, isn’t it? Why do you wait for such a situation? However tough equipment your air conditioner is, too much of running can cause it to break down. New air conditioners might not cause problems for some years, but if it is an old unit, you are bound to face problems with your system.

Instead of experiencing a breakdown of your air conditioner and then wondering what to do, it is better to take precautions and prevent it from developing problems just when you need it most. So what should you do? Just maintain your air conditioners properly. All air conditioners, whatever type or model it may be, need compulsory maintenance and serving, if you want it to function effectively and give you the desired cooling.

Sometimes your air conditioner might lose its efficiency but if you regularly maintain it, in can recover its lost efficiency. If you service your air conditioner annually, it will retain 95% of its efficiency. If your system loses its efficiency, not only will there be less cooling but it will also increase your electricity bill and there is more chance for your system to get spoiled and stop working.

Apart from regular servicing there are additional things which need to be done like check if your filters are clean, change them once a month, check if your thermostat is set properly, check your out door unit to see if it is covered with leaves and dust, check to see that windows and doors are shut when your air con is on and also see that the supply air outlet in your house is not closed as this can hamper the overall functioning of your system.

If your air conditioner develops a problem you are not able to handle, call for the servicing man from the various servicing centers that are available in Tucson, AZ. When you choose a servicing company, check their customer rating, check if they have been servicing for many years so that they have enough experience and also check if their technicians are NATE certified or HIDECOR/ NCCoPP certified trained technicians. If your air con has developed a problem, these technicians who are experts and professionals in their work will know where the problem lies as soon as they see your machine and will be able to rectify it within no time at a very nominal cost. They will be friendly, use their best practices and will be able to service your system according to your satisfaction.

Many reputed companies in Tuscon, Arizona offer low cost servicing during summer season and also annual servicing offer. They will not only service your air con yearly but also remind you to service your unit before the hot season arrives so that you don’t have to face problems in summer.

Remember if you don’t choose the right company, the technicians can take you for a ride, making you spend money for minor problems giving you the wrong advice. This is the main reason why you have to choose reputed companies so that you don’t get scammed.

An efficient technician will handle your system carefully and expertly. The various service checks done are, checking the coolant level, checking the belts, checking the pressures and temperatures, checking the filters, checking the amp draw of the compressor, cleaning the filters, cleaning the condensing unit coils, cleaning and oiling the fan motors and check for leaks. Servicing the various parts of your air conditioner every year will increase your system’s life span.

Stay cool this summer with efficiently working air conditioners and avoid a break down by servicing and maintaining it well. If you have serviced and maintained your system properly, then you can be assured it will not let you down. So in summer, when it is hot outside, there is nothing for you to worry. Just switch on the air conditioner, sit back, relax and enjoy the coolness.



Air conditioning repair may not have to involve professionals. Take the following precautions and perform these effortless maintenance procedures regularly to keep your air conditioner running like new.

Keeping your air conditioner filter clean can cut down on the number of repairs throughout the lifetime of a unit. Check the filter twice a month and clean it when needed. If the filter becomes blocked with dust and dirt, the air cannot circulate and you will find that the air is not as cool as it used to be.

To clean the filter, remove the front grille by pulling upwards on the bottom. Take out the filter which is the same shape as the grille. If it needs to be cleaned, put it under a faucet of lukewarm water then let the filter drip dry and place it back in the air conditioner.

Condensing Coils

Keep an eye on the coils in the front of the air conditioner to ensure they do not malfunction. If you see that frost is forming on the condensing coils, it means that the air outside of the air conditioner is too low. At this point, you need to switch the air conditioner off until the room heats up.

If the condensing coils continue to be covered in frost, it may mean that internally the coils are too dirty to function. To remedy this, remove the whole front cover until you can see all of the coils. Use a soft bristle brush to clean off debris, but if you dont see any improvement after this repair, you should bring it to a professional air conditioner repairman who will clean it more thoroughly.

Cord Plugs

Many air conditioning repair professionals say that the number one cause of a non-functioning air conditioner is a burnt cord plug. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity and this can manifest in a burnt plug. Every so often, it is a good idea to change the plug on the end of the power cord as well as whatever you are plugging the air conditioner into; whether it be an extension cord or an outlet on the wall.


If you are troubleshooting an air conditioner that isnt working properly, you may want to analyze where the air conditioner has been placed. If there is not enough room behind it, there will not be sufficient air flow for the unit to do its job. Ensure that there is at least 3.5 feet between the back of the air conditioner and any wall or obstruction. If this is not currently the case, move the air conditioner and see if it improves performance.


Water will naturally pool internally in the bottom of your air conditioner, but if you see that a puddle is starting to form on the floor below your air conditioner, it may mean that you need to re-position it and you not have to carry out an air conditioning repair at all. Simply ensure that the unit is either level by tipping it slightly backwards. You should see an end to any dripping water.


When it comes to installing a HVAC system this is definitely not something you want to try alone. Air conditioning installation requires the experience and expertise of a reputable heating and air installation company. Weve been supplying quality hvac air conditioning installation services residential and commercial customers for years. There isnt any job that is too big or too small for our company to undertake. From replacing an old air conditioning unit to putting in brand new duct work and a whole new system, we can care for any and all of your air conditioner installation needs.

Our company provides you with the following air conditioning installation solutions:

Central Air Conditioning Installation
Central Air Conditioning Ductwork Installation
Wall Unit AC Installation
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Picking the Right Air Conditioning System

HVAC systems most definitely not “one size fits all” . Picking out the incorrect size ac unit can cost you a good deal of money in power costs. Choosing a unit thats too small for your home or business will result in the system needing to run continuously to keep the temperature comfortable. Choosing a unit that is too big will probably use a great deal of power to run. It may also not dehumidify the area properly causing the room to be cool and clammy. This is the reason you need to eliminate the guesswork by letting an experienced air conditioning installation company to assess your situation and determine the size air conditioner you will need. If you are looking to get a new air conditioning system put in, you should call us.

Once you give us a call, one of our friendly staff members will set up a time for one of our qualified HVAC technicians to come and assess your situation, take measurements, ask the right questions, and finally determine what size and type air conditioning system would be best to suit your needs. Once that is established, we will schedule a time that is convenient for us to put in your new HVAC unit.

Air Duct Installation

Should you have an older house or building and do not have proper ductwork for a central heating and air system, that isnt a problem. Were able to install ductwork, making certain all of the vents are positioned in the proper areas to keep your house or building comfortable and cool. Our knowledgeable HVAC specialists possess the know how and experience to get the job done and do it right the first time! If youve always wanted to get a central air conditioning system but assumed you could not get one since your home didn’t have the required ductwork, or if perhaps your home needs ductwork modifications, contact us now. We are glad to come out and talk with you and give you a free appraisal.

Reliable Heating and Air Services

While youre looking for an ac installation service, you need to make sure you find one that you can count on to be there right when you need them. This is the reason our company strives to provide punctual and competent service. Our main goal is to provide our clientele with the hospitable, reliable, and superior quality service we feel they deserve. When youve got HVAC needs, we would like you to know undoubtedly you can count on us to help you.

Air Conditioning Installation Pensacola Fl

If you are searching for an heating and air installation service you can always count on for quality products and unequaled customer care, then you need to call us now. We always look forward to hearing from you and taking care of your air conditioning needs.


When your air conditioning system dies in the midst of summer time heat it can be a headache. It isnt going to be too long before your house to get humid and hot. When that happens to you, don’t sweat it! Simply contact us and well send out one of our professional HVAC experts out to you promptly to work to get your HVAC system running and operating properly.

If youve got an ac or heating system problem, were here to help. We provides the following services:

AC Repair
Air Conditioning Installation
AC Maintenance
Heating Repair
Heat Pump Installation
Ductwork Cleaning and Installation

Regular Service and Maintenance

Among the variety of air conditioning solutions we provide is air conditioning maintenance. We provide once a year maintenance for our clients in order to keep their ac units running properly and efficiently all year round. An adequately maintained hvac system wont keep your house comfortable and cool it can also be more energy efficient. Which means that it can help you save funds in energy expenses.

No one wants to have their air to go out during the summer heat. When you sign up for our routine air conditioning maintenance plan, you will never need to worry about that. Well come out once a year and check out your system extensively and make sure everything is operating as smoothly and proficiently as they possibly can. The great thing is, youll never need to worry about calling us to make an appointment, we will contact you to set everything up.

DIY AC Maintenance

A bit of preventative servicing can keep your ac unit operating smoothly and effectively and can prevent you from being forced to pay for expensive repair.

Listed below are some steps you can take to make sure your air conditioning is properly maintained:

Change your filters regularly
Make sure the outside unit is debris free
Have your air conditioning system checked annually by a professional air
conditioning company

Taking the proper steps to take care of your air conditioner system right now could keep your hvac system operating efficiently for a long time. If you want for our team to come and check your air conditioner system to ensure that it is working efficiently, and if youd like to get set up on our air conditioner maintenance plan, simply call us now!

One of our friendly team will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for one of our qualified Heating and air conditioning experts to come out and examine your air conditioning unit. And if you sign up for our AC maintenance program, we will call you each year to arrange an appointment to get your unit serviced. Maintaining your air conditioner has never been so easy! Whenever you contact us and sign up for our air conditioner maintenance plan, you can relax knowing that your hvac system is being taken care of and maintained to remain operating smoothly and properly all year long.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Pensacola Call Us Today!

We strive to do our best to ensure our clients are 100% happy. When our customers are satisfied, we are content. We all make it our main objective to see to it you are comfortable and cool year round. When you have a heating or cooling need, give us a call. We are here for you, willing to do whatever it takes to look after you. From hvac maintenance and repair to hvac installation, we handle all of it. No job is too small or big for us. What exactly are you waiting for, contact us today. guarantee, you will be happy you did!


Heat Pump Installation Repair Pensacola

Once the outside temp gets colder, youll of course want to be able to turn the heat on and warm up your house. If for some reason, your heating system breaks down, youll want to have a friendly and reliable heater repair service that you can call and count on to come out and get your heater running perfectly again. If you need a hvac repair service, you can definitely count on us to send someone out right way to help you. Once you contact us, well set up a scheduled visit and send out one of our qualified HVAC specialists out to help with your heating needs.

Heating Repair Maintenance

When you are having difficulty with your heating system, you need to contact a seasoned and knowledgeable heating system repair company to help with your needs. Dont try to repair your unit on your own. The vast majority of hvac repairs call for a professional Heating and air conditioning professional. Trying to fix your heating unit on your own may result in injury to your unit or to you. We provide professional hvac repair service and routine maintenance for commercial and residential. When you are having difficulties with your heating unit, give us a call now. We will be glad to help answer any questions you may have and send someone over to get your havc system back up and running.

Our company offers heating system installation services, heating repair and maintenance service for various types of heater systems which include:

Heat Pumps
Geothermal Heating Systems
Forced Hot Air Heating Systems
Hot Water Heating Systems
Steam Radiant Heating Systems

When you are in need of heating maintenance or repair, or are interested in getting a heating system put in, give us a call today. We will be happy to give you an estimate and help you with all your heating and cooling needs.

About Heat Pumps

If youre searching for a cost effective solution to keep your house warm during the winter and cool during summer, you may need to consider getting a heat pump system put in. A heat pump system is definitely an energy-efficient & cost effective way to save money on cooling and heating your house. A heat pump system is a special type of unit which takes the warm air from your house, cools it down with refrigerant and returns it back to your home as cool air. In the winter months, this process is reversed by using a reverse valve. The heat pump reverses the flow of the refrigerant. The air from the outside is absorbed, warmed up, and then pumped into your home. With a heat pump system you are able to heat and cool your home with one unit. This way of heating and cooling your house is considerably more energy efficient and much more cost effective.

Heat Pump Installation Pensacola

If you are interested in finding out more information about heat pumps and are contemplating getting a heat pump installed in your house or place of business, call us now. We offer quality and professional heat pump system installation services. Whenever you call on us, you can definitely rely on us to present you with the timely, helpful, and professional service which you deserve. One of our friendly team will set you up a date for somebody to come out present you with an estimate on heat pump system installation. Regardless of what your heating needs may be, our team can definitely help. From heater repair, hvac maintenance, to heat pump installation, we can handle your heating needs. Give us a call today. You wont regret it!


Installing and AC system is definitely not something you would want to try alone. Air conditioning installation requires the experience and expertise of a professional heating and air installation service. Our company has been providing top quality hvac HVAC installation services commercial & residential clientele for a long time. There isnt any job that is too big or too small for our company to undertake. All the way from replacing old air conditioner units to putting in all new duct work and an entirely new system, we can care for virtually any of your air conditioner installation needs.

Our company offers the following air conditioner installation services:

Central Air Conditioning Installation
Central Air Conditioning Ductwork Installation
Wall Unit AC Installation
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

Heating and air conditioning systems are not a one size fits all deal . Selecting the inappropriate size air conditioning unit can result in costing you a great deal in energy costs. Picking a unit thats too small for the job results in the system needing to operate continuously to keep the temperature comfortable. Buying a unit that is too large will use a great deal of electrical power to run. It may also not dehumidify the area appropriately resulting in the area being cool and clammy. For this reason it is advisable to leave the guesswork out by allowing a professional air conditioning installation company to assess your situation and precisely determine the exact size unit you need. If youre needing to have a new air conditioning system installed, you need to definitely give us a call.

When you contact us, one of our friendly staff members will schedule an appointment for one of our skilled Heating and air conditioning techs to come and evaluate your situation, take certain measurements, ask the appropriate questions, and then evaluate what specific type of system would be best for your needs. Once that is determined, we can schedule a time that is convenient for us to install your new unit.

Ductwork Installation Services

Assuming you have an older house or building and it does not have suitable ductwork for a central heating and air system, thats not a problem. Were able to put in ductwork, making certain all of the vents are placed in the appropriate places to help keep your house or building cool and comfortable at all times. Our seasoned HVAC techs possess the ability and the experience to get the job done for you and do it right the first time! If you have always wanted a central air conditioning system but thought that you were unable to have one because your house or building does not have the necessary ductwork, or if perhaps your house needed ductwork modifications, contact us today. Well be glad to come out and talk with you and provide you with a totally free appraisal.

We Can Help With Your Air Conditioning Needs

If you are searching for an heating and air installation service, you need to find one you can rely on to be available when you need them. This is the reason our team aims to provide you with fast and high quality round the clock service. Our main goal is to always provide our clientele with the hospitable, trustworthy, and excellent service in which they so deserve. Should you have AC problems, wed like you to know unquestionably you can count on us to help you.

HVAC Installation Orlando Fl Call Now!

If you are searching for an heating and air installation service you can always rely on for high-quality products and unparalleled service, give us a call now. We definitely look forward to speaking with you and helping care for all of your hvac needs.


The summer season is back and a cool room is all anyone will need. This is the reason why the demand for air conditioner repair works reaches the maximum during the hottest seasons of the year. So don’t feel alone if you find yourself looking for an experienced air conditioner repair company in Plano, Texas because that’s what everyone is searching for these days. There are so many AC repair companies in Plano, Texas that are offering you the best deals in town with lucrative discounts and claims of quality repairs. Like everyone else, you want your air conditioner to get back to its normal functioning, and you might be confused as to which company to choose for doing the repairs. Let the confusion die down because you are about to learn a few basic tips that will guide you to finding the best air conditioner service facility in Plano, Texas.

Air conditioners are one of the vital electronic gadgets we have at home, especially for people who live in a sub-tropical climate like Plano, Texas. And is the main reason why air conditioning systems are of utmost necessity for us. However, like any other electronic equipment, these too eventually experience technical problems, which need to be checked and fixed at the earliest to ensure optimum working during such hot weather. Only the best and the most experienced air conditioner company can provide you with timely and effective repair services. The following guide lines will help you in making your selection wisely.

Check Your Guarantee

Before you go out looking for an air conditioner repair company, try looking for the guarantee book you received when you purchased the air conditioner. Check if your air conditioner is still under its guarantee period. If it is, well your problem is completely solved. Just call the customer care executive of the company and ask for the contact number and address of the company’s nearest authorized service center. Take your air conditioner to them and let them repair it for you with no repair fee. Well, there is a chance that you might be less fortunate and your warranty period might have expired and if this is the case, then it is the right time for you to start looking for a company that specializes in providing quality service and repairs.

Make Note of All AC Repair Companies in Your Neighborhood

Start taking notes of all air conditioner repair services in your neighborhood and then start checking them. Get a quick background check about a company’s profile. Try going through their website to check how big their organization is and how long they have been providing air conditioner repair services. Also, check what all services they do offer and at what rates. Read online customer reviews and ratings about the services of the different air conditioner repair companies that you have short-listed. These will give you a general assessment of user experiences.

Check Credentials

You need to get yourself assured that you are dealing with a legitimate person. All companies will advertise that they are the best one in town, but it is you who has to check whether they really are or not. Once you have short-listed the companies, get in touch with them and ask to see their licenses and qualifications. Check their certification to gauge their experience in the industry. Check how energy efficient they are. Good air conditioner repair and service companies in Plano, Texas will always be able to provide you with options for reducing the amount of energy you consume in your house, thus making your air conditioner more energy efficient.

Customer Orientation

Check if the company is customer-oriented. All repair jobs involves pre-work, during-work and post-work interactions between companies and users. Even after the work has been done, any problems that occur after as a result of the intervention are subject to negotiation between the homeowner and service provider. Try to find user testimonials and read them. Always check the response time and their attitude towards customer problems. This will give you an idea about the quality of service and user satisfaction they have. If you believe that a company is not as friendly as you expect them to be, its time you start looking for other options.

Get a Few more Quotes

Make a call to at least 3-4 air conditioner repair companies. It’s always best to get a few quotes for a general idea. Remember! Companies offering you cheaper deals are not necessarily the better ones. You have to strike a balance between price and quality of repair. Ask the manager of an expensive air conditioner service company the reasons for why they are charging you so much. It is only after discussing with them that you will really know why they are charging you so much and whether you need all what they are providing you with or not.

Recommendations & Referrals

Recommendations are the best route. Asking a friend or a colleague will always pay rich dividends. You can check online, as well. See a company’s Facebook or twitter page, check the reviews the company is getting and the way they are interacting with their customers. You can even ask to see some of their previous works to check the quality you can expect from them.

Test Drive

Test-drive the service before you buy it. Go for air conditioner maintenance services that provide you with a trial period for their assistance so that you can really check their capability regarding work quality and timing. If thats not possible, you can always ask for an interview with the repair person to check the knowledge they have and how they can guarantee your expectations are met.

How Long Have They Been Around?

A generational business is usually more reliable when it comes to air conditioner services as these companies would not disappear on you just after the job is done.

Check if the Company is a Member of a Professional Organization.

Most reputed air conditioner companies are a member of a professional trade body. Such bodies require their members to strictly hold on to a set code of practices, and provide a way out if something goes off beam. You will find many air conditioner companies telling you they have such a membership, but never trust them. Rather, make a call to the organization and check yourself whether the company is a member or not.

Cash or Credit Card

Check whether the company accepts payment through credit cards or not. This is vital, for if there is any dispute concerning the quality of a service you have been provided with or the charges involved, an electronic payment will always come in handy.

Range of Brands

Inquire about the range of brands they are familiar with, as well as what all type of equipment they will be using for conducting the repair. Always opt for the company who is familiar with internationally recognized products. This means that they will be comfortable with fixing all international brands of air conditioners.

Only the most reliable companies have air conditioner specialists who can trouble shoot any problem related to air conditioning systems. Thus, finding a reliable air conditioner service in Plano, Texas is really important. We hope that the tips given above will really help you in finding the right service. Keep on reading more articles on our website on Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, Texas.


When buying and installing an air conditioning system in your home or office, it is important to select a unit that can save you money, along with reducing noise pollution. If not selected, located and installed properly, your air conditioner can cause noise impacts on you and your neighbors. This guide will assist you in making an educated decision when buying and operating an air conditioner so that you can reduce noise, avoid complaints and expensive hassles with your ac repair Plano, TX.

★ Proper Planning before Buying an Air Conditioning System

Considering these simple low-cost steps before buying your AC system will not only save you money, but will also increase the longevity of your unit. In addition, these tips may also reduce the size of the unit needed –

✓ Select a light-colored roof for your property along with painting the exterior in a light color because light colored surfaces will reflect most of the heat away from your home, which will help keep the heat down on the inside.

✓ Make sure that your property is well-insulated. Installing insulation makes cooling and heating a property more energy-efficient, which saves you money on purchasing costs by reducing the size of the air conditioner required.

✓ Use awning or vegetation to screen windows from the sun.

✓ Using ceiling fans and rooftop vents to cool your property will help increase theefficiency of your air conditioner.

✓ Select the most energy-efficient and the quietest model on the market.

✓ Purchasing the correct size air conditioner is imperative to reduce potential noise impacts on your neighbors, as well as minimize your initial and ongoing costs.

✓ Buy a reverse cycle air conditioner for cooling and heating because it can be up to 3 times more economical and efficient than any traditional radiant heater.

✓ Planning your air conditioning needs is the most important thing before purchasing an AC system. Decide whether you want to air condition only a single room or the whole house. Don’t try to cool multiple rooms with an undersized unit because it will cause long-term motor burnout and incur ongoing maintenance costs.

✓ There are several different types of air conditioners available on the market. Understanding their advantages and disadvantages will help you make an informed choice about which type of ac you should purchase. Select the one that suits your needs best.

Split-system air conditioner – These systems have two main components: an outdoor section comprising of a compressor, fan section and condenser, which is generally positioned on the outside wall of the room to be air conditioned, and an indoor section comprising an evaporator and control panel, which is located within your house. One advantage of split-system air conditioner is that it offers more flexibility on where the outside section can be located.
Window/wall mounted air conditioners – These units come in the form of a single box that houses all the cooling and heating components of the system. These air conditioners are normally fitted in a special cut opening through a wall or installed in a window.
Ducted system air conditioners – These are the most efficient type of air condoning systems that can be used to cool either different zones of your home at different times of the day or the entire home. Although ducted air conditioning systems can be more expensive than other type of systems, they are better at distributing warm or cool air around the house. These systems have three main components: an indoor section consisting of an Indoor fan and electric controls, an outdoor section comprising outdoor fan, motor and compressor, and a zone control box that regulates the flow of air to different ducts.
★ Plan the Location and Installation of your Air Conditioner

Never locate your AC unit adjacent to your neighbor’s living areas, bedrooms or windows. You can position it in such a way that your garden wall and existing solid fences can effectively be used to screen the noise from neighbors. In addition, never position your unit near any heat generating equipments or facing direct sunlight. All vegetation should be cleared away from the fan blades and the unit should be provided with adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

All air conditioning systems should be installed and serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Hire only a licensed and experienced contractor for installation and repairs of your air conditioner in Plano, TX. Don’t leave everything to the technicians. Re-check all the connections yourself and make sure that your unit is mounted in a secure place with secure fasteners. Also, make sure that the electrical circuit of the room is meant to handle the unit’s electrical load. In the case of a window AC, make sure that the window and frame where the unit will be installed are in good condition. Here are some simple air conditioning installation tips:–

✓ Use mounting rails and metal brackets to support the unit from underneath. These supporting interior angles should be strong enough for the weight and size of the AC unit and should be structurally fastened to the building.

✓ Be sure to secure any leveling objects to prevent shifting and movement due to vibrations, wind and other weather conditions.

✓ Never use loose objects, like cans, gypsum board, bricks, or wood blocking to support the leveling of the unit.

✓ An AC unit should be slightly tilted to provide water drainage.

✓ Never place anything on the top of an air conditioning unit.

✓ Affix your window air conditioning system properly so that the window can’t be opened accidently. Make sure not to block fire escape exits or windows with the unit.

★ Some Easy-to-follow Tips on Air Conditioning Operation & Maintenance

Follow these simple steps and tips to save money when it comes to running and maintaining your air conditioner –

✓ Try setting your thermostat between 72°F and 78°F as it will decrease your energy consumption significantly.

✓ The refrigerant in your system should neither be undercharged nor overcharged. In both conditions, your AC will not work properly. Call a licensed service contractor to check and adjust the refrigerant gas.

✓ Check and clean both outdoor and indoor air conditioner coils from time to time. Any dirt build-up on them can lead to poor AC efficiency.

✓ Never use kitchen or bath fans when the air conditioner is in operation. Also, try not to use a dehumidifier along with your ac system because it will force the air conditioner to work harder by increasing the cooling load, and in turn, will increase your energy bill.

✓ Level the unit when installed to allow the inside drainage system to operate efficiently.

✓ When the humidity is low, set the fan speed on high. If the humidity is high, fan speed should be set on low. This is because the slower air movement through the cooling equipment will remove more moisture from the air and will cool the room better.

★ Should You Repair or Replace Your AC System?

When your air conditioner breaks down, you are left with a choice to either repair the unit or buy a new one. Getting the air conditioner repaired is always the cheapest and the most preferable solution in the short term, but can prove to be more expensive down the road. If your unit is older than 10 years, consumes more energy, breaks down often, or has started losing its efficiency, its replacement will be the last best solution. Consider the number of breakdowns and how often the unit has been maintained when deciding whether to replace or repair it. Though the end decision is always yours, it is advisable to never rush into making a decision. Decide whether to replace or repair the unit based on what is in your best interest. Get help from a reputable ac repair company in Plano, Texas that can guide you through your options.


Questions to ask an AC Repair Contractor

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June 1, 2013

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Checklist of Questions to ask your Contractor

When it comes to finding the right HVAC contractor for you, you’ll find out what kind of company you’re dealing with best by the questions you ask and more importantly, the answers to them. Here’s an extensive list of questions that will get you started. Of course, you’ll most likely have many of your own to add to it!

Do you have a state license?
How long have you been in business under this name?
If a contractor has been in business for a long time, it’s a good sign that they’re a professional company with many happy clients. Be sure to ask if they’ve held the same business name for that entire time. If they’ve had a complaint against them and simply dealt with it by starting a new business under a new business name, it won’t do you much good and it’s a good sign that they’re not a reputable company.

Do you have three references you can give me?
You’ve already asked about licensing and credentials when you first phoned the HVAC contractor. Now you need to ask about the other referrals that will tell you whether or not the company is worth hiring – their past customers! Ask for at least three names and phone numbers. When you contact the reference, make sure you ask what the person did/did not like about the company, and if they would use the company again.

Does the quoted price include federal, state, and local taxes?
Remember, you’re going to be paying thousands of dollars for your HVAC system, and the taxes on that could be even more thousands of dollars. And if that total doesn’t include taxes and you’re not prepared for it, you may find that you’re unable to pay for your new HVAC system. It’s much better to know this ahead of time, before the system is installed, so that you can make another choice, if necessary.

Do you offer written estimates?
In many states, it’s against the law for the company to charge you more than a certain percentage over the original estimate. It’s for this reason that it’s so critical to get one, but there are many other good reasons too. Make sure that your estimate includes how long the work will take to get done, what work exactly will be done, and the type of equipment that will be installed.

Will the payment terms be outlined in the contract?
You don’t want to negotiate out payments and payment terms with the contractor only to have it all blown out of the water anyway when the contract is finally drawn up. Make sure that any agreed upon payment terms will be put into the contract, so that the contractor is bound by them just as you are.

Can I hold back one-third of the payment until work is completed and approved by me?
It’s very common in the HVAC world for customers to hold back a portion of the payment until the work is completed. This is your good faith money so that you can be assured that the work will be done to your liking. Because 2/3 of the total cost is for labor and not equipment, most contractors won’t have a problem with this arrangement, and it could be just the insurance you need.

What are the warranties on the equipment?
Any piece of any HVAC system is going to come with some sort of manufacturer’s warranty. Ask to know what it is, and that you get it in writing just before the units are installed.

Are there warranties on your labor?
It’s important to not only ask about warranties on the equipment, but also what warranties are on the labor. Even if the equipment is the best of the best, and never breaks down, it’s still not going to operate properly if it’s not properly installed. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure the labor is also warranty-protected, and you need to know what that means. If the labor is protected under warranty, it means that within the first year of having it, the company will come out for any repairs, anytime of the day, any day of the week. Period.

Can I purchase additional warranty on either the parts or the labor?
Sometimes, you just want or need a little more protection than what’s automatically offered. Your HVAC contractor should be willing to offer it to you.

Because of the large amount of money that an HVAC system costs, many companies will offer financing options that will allow you to stretch out the payments over a long period of time. Many contractors even have a “free period” where payments are deferred for that time and, they also don’t collect interest.

When will you be able to start?
Of course you want your HVAC system installed as soon as possible. While HVAC companies are busy, asking them to start within three days should give them enough time to shuffle around their schedules, if needed.

Will I get at least 24 hours notice before my equipment is installed?
While you want your equipment installed as soon as possible, you also don’t want a contractor just showing up at your door unannounced. Make sure that you’ll get notice, and that you find out how much notice that will be.

Will you show up at the same time every day?
Just like you don’t want contractors just showing up at your door, you also don’t want them showing up first thing in the morning one day, only to show up mid-afternoon the next. More importantly, you want to make sure that they’ll be putting in full work days while they’re working on your project, and not taking half days off whenever they feel like it.

Do you know the current problems in my home and how to fix them?
This question is more so that you can be sure you’ve told the contractor everything they need to know. Be sure you’ve covered your bases and of course, that the contractor knows how to address your issues.

What’s the capacity, sound level, and energy efficiency of the equipment you’ll install?
Again, these have been covered in-depth, but it’s extremely important that you don’t forget to ask!

Do you perform a proper load calculation?
Don’t work with any contractor that doesn’t!

We are a licensed and fully insured ac repair contractor.


Landscape Lighting


When you are trying to decide how to put in transformers for you landscape lighting, it is natural to have questions. Here I have tried to answer some of them.

If you have a question of your own not answered here, please feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page and I, or someone else will try to answer it for you!

Q. How do transformers work?

A. Transformers are plugged into your home’s 120 volt grid. They reduce the voltage running to your low-voltage landscape lighting. 12 volt lights are much safer and more economical than 120 volt lights.

Q. How many transformers will I need for my garden?

A. That will depend on how many lights you need for your landscaping. It will also depend on the size of your transformer(s). Transformers can carry as little as 45 watts of power, or as much as 1,500 watts. You will need to figure out how many watts you will need for your lighting. After you know that, you should add 10% more to that number, to ensure your transformer can produce enough wattage to light all the lights equally.

Q. Why can’t I just use the power from my home?

A. Since most outdoor landscape lights are 12 volt, it is very unsafe to try to run 120 volts of power to them. They will be overloaded and this causes a safety risk!

Q. Where should I place my transformer?

A. Your transformer can be placed inside your home, such as on a porch area, or on a wall outside your home. You can also get underground transformers that are buried just outside your home. You will need to place your transformer in a place where it has close access to your home’s power grid, so it can be plugged into that grid. You will probably want to place your transformer in a place where it can be hidden or camouflaged, for aesthetic reasons.

Q. What is a zone and how do they work?

A. A zone is a section or segment of lights being powered by a transformer. They are recommended for use because they make sure the power from the transformer is distributed equally among the lights in your garden. If you are putting in all this work on your yard and garden, you will want to get the best results from your transformer. Zones make this possible!

Q. How many zones can be powered by 1 transformer?

A. That depends on the wattage of the lights being illuminated. You can find this out by looking on the packaging of the lights. It should tell you how many watts are needed for each light to work properly. You can get transformers that light as few as 45 watts of light, or as many as 1,500 watts of light. You will need to decide how many watts you will be using before you buy your transformer(s). If you get a multi-tap transformer, you can run several zones from the same transformer.

Q. Do I need to hire an electrician to put in my transformer?

A. This is dependent on how comfortable you are with working with electricity. It also depends on how much you know about wiring a transformer into your home’s electric grid. As always, if you are uncomfortable with working with electricity, please consider using the services of a licensed electrician. It is better to spend a bit more money and be safe than to make a mistake and get shocked (or worse)!

Do you have a question that isn’t answered (or even asked) above?

Below is a quick form for you to fill out, asking your question! Then I, or someone who is knowledgeable on the subject, can answer it! This way we’ll build a community of people helping each other!


Low voltage lighting transformers convert the electricity of your electrical grid into a much smaller voltage output. This is essential for powering your low voltage outdoor lighting!

Do You Need One?

If you are planning to have landscape lighting, then yes. Outdoor accent lighting is, for the most part, all considered low voltage. Anything that uses about 50 volts or less is.

Households in the United States typically have a 120 volt grid, which is far too much for smaller lighting to handle. Without a low voltage transformer you would short out lighting not made to withstand the excess energy supplied!

Put nice, short and simply: low voltage lighting transformers simply ‘transform’ your home’s electrical power into a smaller, more manageable voltage for your landscape lighting!

Installing a low voltage transformer can be a little bit trickier. Working with 120 volts of electricity can be extremely dangerous, and shouldn’t be attempted if you don’t have proper understanding of electrical systems. You will probably want to hire a licensed professional electrician to do the installation for you.

They will also be familiar with your local municipality codes in regards to low voltage lighting.

So What Do You Need?

This is where planning in advance comes in. You will need to know how many lights you will need for your project, because you will have to get a low voltage transformer that can support them.

Low voltage lighting transformers come in various sizes and wattage. It is important to get the right one for your lighting project. So you will need to gain a number, the amount of total wattage your landscape lighting will use.

This is a simply done taking the wattage of the bulbs in the lights you are planning to use, and then multiplying that number by the total number of fixtures.

But you will need to have a little extra in your transformer. The general rule of thumb is about 25% more wattage in your transformer than your total wattage number.

Wattage of the Bulbs x Total Number of Fixtures = Total Wattage
Total Wattage + 25% = Wattage Your Transformer Will Need
So if your total wattage comes out to be about 90 watts or so, a 100 watt transformer is what you’ll need for the job.

If you are planning to install more lights in the near future, you can consider a low voltage transformer with a higher wattage, but you don’t want to go too much higher than your total wattage. It may be a better idea to buy additional transformers, or upgrade one you have, at a later time when you do decide to add more lights.

To make your home really shine, low voltage outdoor lighting is both efficient and beautiful. It can be a wonderful addition and can bring any landscape to life. Low voltage lighting transformers are the way these kinds of lights are able to shine their brightest!


A landscape lighting transformer, or landscape lighting power packs, is an essential part of your landscaping lighting.

If you are using electrical powered lights, you must have a transformer to generate the proper current. Transformers will lower your 120 volt current that runs into your home, to the desired 12 volts for your low-voltage lights.

Your transformer can either be above ground, mounted on a pole, or underground where it provides nice, clean lines in your yard. Either way, you will be making certain you have a good flow of electricity going to your lights!

Selecting The Right Transformer For Your Job
The first thing you must do is decide where you are going to install your transformer inside, outside, or buried underground.

You can install your landscape lighting transformer inside your home or in a shed that has power. To do this, you will need to mount the transformer in a convenient location near a grounded plug-in. You will want to choose a spot that can be easily accessed but is out of your way!

You will have to drill a hole in the wall close to where you want to attach your transformer, to run your low-voltage cable from the transformer to the outdoor accent lights.

If you decide to install the landscape lighting transformer on an outside wall or post, all you will need to do is decide where you want it located. You will want it in a place that is easily accessible but is still out of the way.

You can also install your landscape lighting transformer underground. To do this, you need to carefully decide where to put is so it is accessible but protected from the elements and other things that might damage it.

After you have decided where to mount your transformer, you will need to choose a style. Transformers come in an array of shapes and sizes! You will want to pick one that will blend in with its surroundings for aesthetic purposes.

The next step is to figure out how many watts of power you will need. Check the instruction sheet of your landscape lights to see what wattage your lights are. They can vary from 1 to 50 watts, so you will need the proper wattage for maximum effect.

For best results, add up the amount of watts in a particular string of lights and add 25% more watts.

For example: if your total wattage from your bulbs adds up to 150 watts, add 37 (25% of 150) to get a total wattage of 187. For this particular string, you should purchase a transformer that carries at least 200 watts.
Transformers can carry as little as 45 watts to 1,500 watts, depending on the manufacture. It is best to have a higher wattage transformer than your total amount of watts needed.

Learn more about low voltage lighting transformers here!
A multi-tap transformer will have taps or hook-ups that can vary in wattage so you can hook more strings of lights to the same transformer. Each string can have a different watt total, depending on how many lights are in it.

Click here to learn more about multi-tap transformers
Now that you know what you are going to use, you can begin to install it!

After you have determined how many watts of power you will need, your next step is to figure out how much cord you are going to use. Some strings of lights already have the cord attached, so you already know how far from the landscape lighting transformer you can place your lights.

Other lights come with no cord. For these, you will need to measure the distance from the transformer along where you are placing the lights, until you get to the end of your desired string. Always add a bit extra for cutting and splicing wire and to bury the cord in the ground. You also need to determine the gauge of wire to use.

You will need to attach the cord(s) to the landscape lighting transformer before you attach the box to your wall or post. To do this, you need to strip the cord down to the wires at one end. Then you will need to wrap those 2 wires around the screw terminals in the desired tap. After you have them wrapped around the terminals, screw the terminals until the wire is firmly attached.

Now that you have the cord attached to the landscape lighting transformer, you need to plug it into a nearby outlet. You should now have power to your outdoor low-voltage garden accent lights! If you do not, you may have a faulty cord or perhaps your transformer is faulty. You can easily test these with a volt meter.

To run several different strings of lights thru one landscape lighting transformer, you will have to splice the cord(s) into the main cord running to the transformer.

As with any electrical work, if you don’t feel comfortable working with electricity, please contact a licensed electrician. It’s better to spend a few bucks on an electrician rather than having your landscaping project come to a shocking end!

Further questions? Check out our landscape lighting transformer FAQ!



Twinkling and sparkling, outdoor Christmas lights have become a world wide annual tradition that has lit up our Decembers.

There is never a more perfect time of the year to show landscape lighting’s beauty than when we brighten up the dark December nights with every color imaginable.

All of the houses lined with strings of icicle lights, lights draped from trees or, a personal favorite, hung inside of bushes or hedges. There is so many ways for you to decorate for the season!

So what better time to show off your creativity and own, unique style?!

While some people don’t decorate at all for the holidays, others go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, filling their landscape with as many outdoor Christmas lights as they possibly can!

You don’t have to do anything big to really decorate for the season. Stringing up a few carefully placed outdoor Christmas lights can be very effective!

Click here if you want some tips on planning and purchasing, outdoor Christmas lighting! Then check out the hanging tips page for putting those lights up!

What is really making Christmas even brighter is the advent of using LED bulbs!

LED landscape lighting has made lighting for Christmas all the more enjoyable! Not only are they brighter, they last longer and don’t consume as much energy.

That means you won’t have to worry about you electric bill spiking in December!

Want more savings this holiday season? Maybe solar Christmas lights are what you are looking for. The pros and cons page of solar Christmas lights could give you an idea.

Though there are a lot of older strings that still use incandescent bulbs. These work fine too, but you may consider the benefits of replacing your old strings of lights with newer ones using LED bulbs.

So where do you begin? There are a lot of things you can do to decorate for Christmas. But always keep safety in mind. That last thing you will want to do is get hurt! This safety guide is a great resource for keeping you in one piece!

Outdoor Christmas lights are very distinctive, the most commonly seen type being small fairy lights. Though there are larger bulbs for a different decorative look.

There is absolutely no limit (besides your electric bill!) to the ways you can decorate your landscape. You can really show off your own personal style during the holiday season!

They come in a multitude of colorsStrings come in a solid color, pairs of colors, or just every color of bulb on one string.
There are a variety of shapes and designs you can choose fromA very popular choice is icicle lights. There are also post lights with designs like snowmen, Santa Clauses or candy canes that you can use along walkways. And snowflake designed lighting decorations that you can hang in windows.
Check out some of the most popular novelty Christmas lightsfor some more ideas!

There is a lot of flexibility with design.Strings of lights have many different settings now; always on, blinking, or chasing. Some have music options hooked up to them, also coming with features like blinking the lights in time with the music.
And with battery operated Christmas lights and solar Christmas lights you can put them just about anywhere you want to decorate without worrying about the cords!

They are a great way to show off your creativity and holiday spirit
You can take pride in your decorating abilities
It can bring you closer to your neighbors. You can do group lighting efforts, or spark up a (hopefully friendly) competition
They are just fun!
But they do burn out, break, or just go missing. Fixing Christmas lights is easy! Find out how with this simple guide!

Christmas lights are a testament to how much landscape lighting technology has changed over the years. From different colors and shades, to different designs of lamps on the bulbs to just overall efficiency of them, outdoor Christmas lights have continued to change with the lighting technology. They will always be a creative and festive way to turn your landscape into a winter art piece (just don’t forget to take them down after the season is over)!


Solar accent lighting can be fascinating and fun! With just a little bit of effort, your yard and garden can be everything you have imagined it to be.

You can choose to accent all or only part of your yard and garden with solar lighting. Everyone wants to show their yard and garden in the best light!

Solar lights are wonderful for this because of their energy efficiency! Click here to learn more about energy efficient lighting.

There are many different ways to accent your yard and garden.

Subtle lighting can be achieved through lights with slightly less power or brightness.

Accents can be just white lighting, or it can involve almost any color imaginable! Along with colored lighting, the fixtures come in many different sizes and shapes. Colored lights can put a whole different face on your yard or garden. With darker colored lights, it makes your yard or garden look almost magical.

Small fairy lights can be strung in trees or shrubs for an especially magical look. Larger lights in any one of several styles put a whole different light on the things you want to accent.

With clear bulbs, any part of your yard or garden can be showcased to show your style. These can be used where you desire a brighter light, or a clearer view of the area where they are installed. Many times, clear lights are used to illuminate a sidewalk or a driveway. Clear strings or rope lights in smaller sizes can be used to outline your pool fence or garden fence.

You can pick what best suits your tastes and your vision of what you would like your garden to be.

The shapes of the lights you choose also can make a light more subtle or noticeable.

Solar accent lights shaped like rocks fit closer to the ground, making them perfect to line a walkway or driveway. These come in various colors, but for entrance walkways and driveway lighting, you may want the brighter white light. If you prefer a more subtle ambience, the closer to the ground the better, as they blend in better and can be made to look like the garden or lawn itself is glowing.

More noticeable shapes, such as lanterns, ball, butterflies, or even garden gnomes, can add a decorative flair to your yard.

Of course, you may decide to use hanging lights or a light on a stake, for more obvious light sources. These come in a variety of shapes and colors. They can be placed along a path or driveway, or scattered out across your lawn and garden.

Whatever you decide is right for you; solar accent lighting can add to the beauty of your yard and garden!


You may use outdoor decorative lighting for simply enhancing your outdoor party, BBQ or social gathering. It’s for those times when you need to add something for an occasion rather than accent lighting (found here) that can be used most/all year round.

Whether you are planning a BBQ, a birthday party, or a holiday party you can really spice up your gathering with proper use of outdoor decorative lighting. All you need are lights and your imagination!

With those two things, anything is possible!

There are usually two different categories for when you decorate: general gatherings and specific holidays.

General gatherings and parties

Decorating for a party is fairly easy actually. You can add as much or as little lighting as you want!

The most common party lights you’ve probably seen are rope lights. They are simple strings of lights that you can hang around your yard and add a great atmosphere.

You can learn more about decorating for an outdoor party by clicking here!

If you are holding a BBQ, you should really see the benefits that lighting your BBQ will bring. This BBQ Lights page will explain!

And keep in mind that if your party involves your pool, the use of pool party lights can really set your party up and over the top!

Another thing that is commonly seen is tiki torches. These are wonderful lighting options especially if you are trying to keep bugs from pestering your party goers. They will evoke an island feel to your yard for sure! Find out more about them here!

They are so simple you can even make them at home yourself! Want to know how? Find out!

Another way to change the atmosphere of a party is by using Chinese lanterns. Paper lanterns are a staple in oriental cultures and have subsequently become extremely popular out here in the west. Learn more about Chinese lanterns!

While being listed in ‘general’, one very specific reason to decorate is an outdoor wedding. You will want to make that day very special! Though easy to overlook, try to remember that lighting can play a huge part in an outdoor wedding! Learn more by clicking here!


Of course, when the holidays are coming up, it can be an even bigger part of your decorating needs. Lights have always been part of Christmas, but now they are gaining popularity at Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and any other festive celebrations.

For specific holidays, there are shaped lights such as pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, and bunnies and eggs for Easter.

These can be strings of lights, or small post lights that are perfect for lining a sidewalk or garden with. There can also be simple lantern-like lights that you can set on a porch, deck or patio.

With so many options, youll find just what you need to have fun during the holidays!

Getting ready for Halloween? Check out the Halloween lights page!

How about Christmas? The Christmas section will have all the tips and tricks you will need!

Outdoor decorative lighting adds a whole new dimension to a party, really spicing it up! And for years we’ve seen just what kind of effects one can get from using lights to celebrate holidays.

And not only that, decorating can just be worlds of fun!


Outdoor solar lights have become extremely popular over the last couple of years.

But they are also just as good for the environment as they are for your wallet. They consume natural light from the sun and store it inside of their solar cells. After nightfall, they release the light they’ve stored, lighting up your landscape.

Most styles come with a sensor, turning the lights on at night and off during the day. You won’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on or off!

Installation is quite easy, usually just pushing the light into the ground in the desired spot, or hanging them along the railing or fence of your choice. This makes them easy to remove, and move as you see fit.

Click here for more solar landscape lighting installation tips

This freedom is wonderful for some trial and error! No need to limit your creativity because of needing wired lighting. And with so many different styles and designs of fixtures, you’ll find the perfect looking outdoor solar lights for your home.

Click here to learn more about different types of solar lighting fixtures!
Though the field of solar energy is constantly growing and changing, there are still a few downsides to solar lighting.

They need a good spot to collect light. The placement of your outdoor solar lights in your yard needs to be well planned out. They need to be in a spot that they can collect sunlight for a majority of the day. South facing areas are the best. Otherwise they won’t have enough energy stored up to produce a bright or long lasting light at night. Avoiding shady spots is the key here. Although, if you want to place lights in a shady area, there is another option. This option is a string of solar units connected to a solar panel placed to receive sunlight during the day.
They don’t light up an area like wired lighting. Solar Lighting’s best use is for accent lighting. For security or outdoor lighting during any time of the night, traditional flood or spot lights work better. Outdoor solar lights are brightest in the first couple of hours after the sun sets, and then slowly lose some of their brightness over the course of the night. (But even the diminished light output is still bright enough! As the technology of solar cells advances, especially with the use of LED solar light, this becomes less and less of a problem.)
Batteries and bulbs don’t last forever. Over time, batteries will hold less and less of a charge. They and the bulbs can be changed when needed. Bulbs are relatively cheap, but batteries can be pricier. However, this is not a frequent occurance. Solar panels can become sun damaged or damaged in other ways, such as a rock thrown from a lawn mower. You should occionally check your panels to make sure there is no damage to them, and to keep them clean of dirt and debris.
Outdoor solar lights are a smart choice to consider for your yard. They are energy efficient, costing you next to nothing. They are environmentally sound, using a completely free, renewable energy source to produce beautiful lighting. This means there is no environmental impact at all from them!

Click here to learn more about energy efficient lighting
They are safe on many levels. No need to worry about electrical shocks or tripping over power cords when using the self contained units. Solar lights that are installed in shady areas work by the installation of a solar panel on a south facing wall or post. These units come with enough cord to power them. The cord can be buried up to six inches deep, making it safe to mow over them.
And a well lit home is shown to deter criminals from targeting your home.

Outdoor solar lights are just all around efficient.

Check out all of the different options you have for solar yard lights!

Too keep your lights shining their brightest for years to come, you may wish to check out our solar yard light care and maintenance page!

Place your outdoor solar lights along pathways to make it easy to transverse your yard after dark. This will do more than just enhance the look and feel of your home, it will make it safer.

You may want to consider a solar post light for this. Or maybe some solar flood lights if you want to light up a very large area! Solar bollard lights also a very stylish choice.

This helps by illuminating obstacles in your yard, making it less likely for you to trip over them in the dark.

Solar flagpole lights are the way to show off your patriotism 24 hours a day!

For places like driveways or gates where you might not want light all of the time solar motion sensor lights might be something for you to consider.

Or for any sheds in your yard, a solar shed light might be a wise investment.

Make that deck of yours the place to be in the evenings with some solar deck lights! They are simple and easy to install and you’ll get many great benefits from them!

Rope or strings of lights work well when wrapped around or tacked to railings or fences. This will highlight the major boundaries of your yard. And on a fence around a pool or hot tub, they can create a very pleasant atmosphere for relaxing.

Having lights around a garden or flower bed allows you to be able to enjoy your flowers throughout the night. And lighting up portions of trees and/or shrubbery will allow you to accent the beauty of your lush landscape.

Solar fairy lights are a magical way to accomplish this!

If you have some sort of sign in your yard, you can use solar sign lighting to light it up so people can see it after dark!

Experiment with different colored bulbs. By changing the color of the lighting, you can completely change the atmosphere of your landscape. Decorating for the season, or in the colors of your favorite sports team can can add beauty in a fun way!

Be on the lookout for solar lights in different shapes. This can add a unique flair to your yard.


Motion sensor lights are ingenious lighting fixtures that can detect movement in a given area and turn the light on. There are many benefits to using such lighting around your landscape. Especially for security!

The way most of these kinds of units work is by detecting changing heat patterns in front of the ‘eye’ of the sensor.

Once a change is detected it’ll snap the lights on and flood the area in light.

You will want them to detect rapid changes in temperature. This will then only set it off when something warm enters the field like a human, an animal or a car.

But be careful!

If they are set to sensitive, the simple process of objects warming and cooling will set off the light.

You dont want that! The lights will be turning on all of the time!

Most units allow you to adjust the duration they stay on, usually somewhere between 1 and 25 minutes. After that period of time elapses, if the sensor doesnt detect any more movement within its field of vision, itll shut the light off.

This way you will only get the light for as long as you need it! And it means you dont have to worry about turning it on and off.

This is why they are so beautiful for security lighting purposes.

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Most units come with a photocell that will allow them to know when it is daylight, and when it is dark out. This will keep the light from coming on during the day when its services are not needed.

Usually the detection range is somewhere between ten to one hundred feet away. And they typically have the capability to detect in quite a wide area around.

You can typically adjust the range and radius. Consult the manual that comes with your light to find out how to do it for your specific unit.

You are going to want to place your motion sensor lights in areas that give you the most benefit.

Around doors
On porches or decks
By gates
Or around/above garage doors
These areas prove benefit to you, and give you security!

You’ll find that coming home late at night becomes a lot easier if you have a light that will come on the moment you come within range.

Have a light when just when you need it!

This also cuts down your electric bill since the light wont be on all of the time.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, installing motion sensor lights is fairly simple, but does involve some wiring. If you are uncomfortable working with electricity, consult a qualified lighting or electrical professional in your area.

Check out this motion sensor light installation
page to learn how to install one yourself!

If you still wish to do it yourself, and are worried about electricity; there are non-wired versions, including battery powered and solar powered.

As always, consult the instruction manual to adjust range, radius and the timers of you light. You will then be able to enjoy the added benefits and security of your new motion sensor lights!


Outdoor security lights will help keep you, your family and your home safe. It is almost an essential need in some areas, as sad as that may be.

The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that outdoor security lights don’t work the way a lot used to think they do!

Recent studies have shown that security lights, installed poorly, actually have increased the number of crimes and prevented a lot of neighbors from even noticing a burglar.

Bright, un-shielded outdoor flood lights cause mass amounts of glare which people will not look directly at. They will not notice the crime as it’s happening because of this.

This can be remedied a bit by using outdoor spotlights, lights that shine a light only at a specific target. Click here to learn more about outdoor spotlights!

If spotlights aren’t going to work for you, you can click here to learn about how you can use flood lights for security.

Security lights that remain on all night also aid criminals significantly, allowing them to see what they are doing in the dark.

The effectiveness of security lights is further reduced when people learn that, contrary to what most believe, burglaries more often occur during the day when it’s more likely people will be out of their homes!

Although security lighting can still play a vital role in keeping you safe, it is very important that when considering security lighting, you plan it very carefully. Poorly arranged lighting can make your home more vulnerable to crime.

The best kind of outdoor security lights for scaring off criminals are motion sensor lights. They will remain off until something moves in front of the sensor, then snap on, flooding the area in light. This quick jerk of light is startling and can send many would-be burglars running.

The problem is though, that some sensors are too sensitive, and every small thing will set it off. But, most motion sensors can be adjusted for sensitivity.

And again, if poorly place, can actually prevent others from seeing a crime in progress.

Nice accent lighting will probably do you more good than lights specifically for security.

But if you still think you need some security lighting, here are some things to take into consideration when choosing and placing security lighting:

Lighting should be placed up high, or in an out of the way place. This will keep people from messing with them. But you should be able to access them easily enough for when you need to replace burned out bulbs.
They also need to be in a place easy enough to get to so you can clean the bulbs periodically. The wind will blow dirt and other things onto the bulbs over time, which will severely reduce the light produced.
Decrease the amount of glare by shielding or having a full cut-off lamp housing for the bulb. This will direct the light at the ground or at the target and away from observers.
Another tip to this is not to make the light as bright as possible. A little lighting can go a long way in the dark!
You might consider using solar security lighting to reduce your electric bill. Click here if you would like to learn more about solar security lighting

Getting security flood lights is usually peoples first choice when wanting to add security lighting to their yard.

A flood lights main purpose is to fill a wide area with light after all. What better way to protect your home!A bright all encompassing lights sounds just like what you need!

But a security light doesnt have to be extremely bright. In fact, if the light is too bright it might actually have the opposite effect than what you are looking for.

Bright lights cause extreme glare which people will not look directly at. Since they wont look at them, they are more likely to miss the crime happening behind the wall of light. And the criminals can use the extra light to see what they are doing more easily in the dark.

So you need to be a bit more cautious when setting up lights whose sole purpose is security. Properly installed security lighting can protect you and your home from unwanted guests.

To reduce this glare problem; aim your lights downwards at an angle.

Also remember that a little light can go a long way in the dark! Your lights dont have to be as bright as they possibly can be.

Making sure that you will get the maximum benefit from your security flood lights is top priority!

One way to do it? Dont have the lights on all the time.

For doing this, you might consider ones that use motion sensors. Motion sensor lights stay off most of the time until they detect a change in their field of vision. Then they snap their flood lights on!

This quick jerk of light can be enough to scare away criminals and even stray animals!

It can also be a nice warning for you that someone, or something, is creeping around your yard. And if you have someone watching your house while you are away, they will be alerted to it as well.

Just make sure that you dont have your motion sensor lights set too sensitive, as they will then just go off all of the time. These false positives can make it so youll learn to ignore it, and wont know when they are going off for real!

Find out more about motion sensor lights by clicking here!

Take some time when installing these kinds of lights to make sure they are set up properly and you will reap many benefits from them.

Solar flood lights are a very nice option to have if you wish to place your lights in a place that they will receive enough sunlight. If not, you will have to worry about wiring your security flood lights into your homes electricity.

Working with electricity can be very dangerous. If you are uncomfortable doing so; hire a professional electrician or lighting expert to do it for you!

Placement will vary from landscape to landscape. Some common places that are usually always winners: driveways, porches, deck, by doors either aimed downwards or aimed out into a front/back yard.

But if you have a different place that you need lighting because of the style of house or landscaping you have, then you should find the best placement for the light for your purposes!

Where ever you do put them, do keep in mind that you will need to find a place to put the switches to turn them on and off.

Unless you go for the option of motion sensor lights which will take care of turning the light on and off for you without you needing to do anything!

But even then, you have to place them right so they arent blinding others.

Hopefully you will be able to use security flood lights to help protect what is near and dear to you. They may take a little planning, but the benefits of them are well worth it in the end!

If you would like to learn about more uses for your outdoor flood lights, you can click here! Flood lights are also mentioned a lot in my eBook: Common Mistakes of Landscape Lighting That You Can Avoid. You dont want to be that person that uses flood lights wrong!